Hi! I am Meena Kestirke

I'm an independent insurance broker, currently licensed in Alberta.

As a broker, I have access to products from multiple companies, so I can find a product that fits your situation.


I am different from that of a traditional insurance brokers

I especially work with families in the lower to middle-income areas who have health or lifestyle concerns that can make qualifying for insurance more difficult.

My Qualifications

I have obtained the FPSC Level 1© Certificate in Financial Planning from the Financial Planning Standards Council. (This is the first step towards the CFP designation, which I am working towards currently.)

I’ve obtained a diploma in financial planning from the Canadian Institute for Financial Planning.

I hold the Canadian Risk Manager (CRM) designation.

As an individual (Meenakshi Kestirke), I have my life, and accident & sickness insurance licenses in Alberta. I’m an independent broker associated with the Managing General Agency (MGA), PPI Solutions, and am sponsored by Canada Life Assurance Company.

I'm a member of Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada.

I follow the FPSC Code of Ethics and complete continuing education for financial planning, and insurance, on an ongoing basis.

My life 

I grew up in Edmonton, then lived in Winnipeg for fourteen years, and most recently spent nine months in Yellowknife. Now, Edmonton is my permanent home.

I’ve loved math, money, computers, and spreadsheets as long as I can remember. Growing up, I was the weird, geeky math-girl.

I’ve definitely made my share of money mistakes, mostly when I was younger luckily. I took bad advice. I made poorly thought-out decisions. But I recovered from this, partly through luck (thank you, Canada and hooray for reasonably good health), partly from careful money management and ongoing education.

I started as an employee, but I eventually tired of not being able to provide the customer service that I wanted. And it started grating on me that there wasn't any connection between how hard I worked and my professional advancement and/or financial compensation.

I decided to strike out on my own so I could run a business the way that I wanted to. In financial planning, I found a way to use my talents and interests to benefit myself and society.

I struggle with social anxiety in free-form situations, though contrarily I enjoy public speaking, teaching, and mentoring.

When I'm not on edge for no logical reason, I’m a casual, relaxed person. I’m also a very analytical rational thinker who can’t help jumping to the worst-case scenario. I’m not a pessimist, but a realist. I want to be prepared for all circumstances and after that to enjoy the unexpected.

I live in southeast Edmonton with my partner and the world’s best dog.